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in balance. -- imbalance. george's approach is to close it as follows. make all the bush tax cut permanent, even for the wealthiest. now it is getting bigger. then, close the tax all through cuts. if you have to have that big a gap, you will cut deeply into priorities that matter. i have a different approach. let the books -- pushed tax cuts expire. -- bush tax cuts expire. if you do that, you start to close the deductions. i had to do that as governor. i am the only governor in modern times to leave office with a smaller general fund budget and when i started. george's budget went up 45% in four years. i know how to make cuts. an all-cuts approach as he proposes, he said not $1 of revenue for $10 of cuts, the all-cuts approach that starts with extending tax cut for the wealthiest would hurt our economy, heard our priorities, and hurt virginia. >> just to make it clear, we ought to reform the entire tax code in washington. the bush tax cuts helped to create over 7 million new jobs. what i would like to see is a tax code that is more simple. i think there really is the basis of a bipartisan
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1